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Best Indiana Academic Camps Summer 2015 Directory

Find the Best Academic Camps in Indiana!

Best 2015 Academic Summer Camps in Indiana

Many of our Indiana Academic Camps are already posting info on their 2015 Summer Camps, Programs, Activities & Classes.

You can contact each camp you are interested in to get the latest info on all their 2015 Summer Academic Programs for Teens and Kids.

Early-Bird Indiana Academic Camp Discounts for Summer 2015

Some of the Best 2015 Academic Camps in Indiana offer "Early Bird" Discounts if you enroll in camp before a certain date -- check each camp's listing & website for more info, and for info on any available Academic Camp Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Winter Academic Camps, Programs, Workshops, & Activities in Indiana are Starting in January, 2015

Many of our Indiana Academic Camps also offer Winter Academic Programs, Activities, Workshops & Classes starting in January, 2015.

Be sure to check the "Year-Round Programs and Other Camp Info" headings of each camp listing for specifics, or give any Academic Camp you're interested in a call to check on Winter dates, times and availability.

Winter 2015 Academic Camp Reunions: Many of our Academic Camps will be hosting Winter Reunions for their previous campers. Each camp is different, and some offer activities for the entire family.

Contact the camp(s) you attended to see if there are any Big Camp Reunion Plans for Winter 2015.

Best Indiana Year-Round
Academic Camps & Academic Programs

Many of our Best Indiana Summer Academic Camps also offer Year Round Academic Camp Programs and Activities. You should contact the camps you are interested in to see if they offer Fall, Winter and/or Spring Academic Programs, too.

Best Indiana Summer Academic Day Camps

Looking for a Great Indiana Academic Day Camp? Look at each camp's TYPE OF CAMP description. Many of our Best Indiana Day Academic Camps also list their exact hours, and if they offer before and after camp activities.

Best Indiana Summer Academic Camp Jobs

Searching for Indiana Academic Camp Jobs? Many of our Best Academic Camps are now listing their 2015 Summer Camp Jobs, too. Look for the heading "Summer Camp Jobs" in each camp listing. You can also check any camp's website for their "Work at Camp" or "Summer Employment Opportunities" pages.

View ALL IN Camps with Summer Work & Leadership Training Opportunities.

Some of the Best Academic Camps in the Midwest are here in Indiana.


Minecraft Summer Camps at
Online Camp

Ages: 12-17. Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: SciTechGames will be offering online summer camps in Minecraft and other technology and science online games for campers in the US and Canada, beginning in June 2015. Campers can choose from morning or afternoon weekday sessions. Campers will use our private SciTechGames Minecraft server, that will also be available for "Free Play" time, too. Beginners thru Advanced players are welcome.

View this Featured Camp's Full Profile

Check Out these *Featured Camp(s).

Minecraft Summer Camps at

One of Our Featured CampsMinecraft Summer Camps at
Online Camp

Visit Our Minecraft Summer Camps at Website
Online Camp


TYPE OF CAMP: Online. Weekdays, morning or afternoon sessions.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: SciTechGames will be offering online summer camps in Minecraft and other technology and science online games for campers in the US and Canada, beginning in June 2015. Campers can choose from morning or afternoon weekday sessions. Campers will use our private SciTechGames Minecraft server, that will also be available for "Free Play" time, too. Beginners thru Advanced players are welcome.

Computers, Math, Science, Technology, Academics, and more. Minecraft & Other Technology Online Games.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Campers of all experience levels will learn vital Minecraft strategies and techniques.

It is important to note that this camp will use what's called a "mod pack", which is a collection of game modifications of the classic online version of Minecraft. Including: Applied Energistics (AE), Thermal Expansion, Red Power, Minefactory Reloaded, Computercraft, and many others.

Separate sessions will be offered for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Players.

Much more info will be available soon, please visit This Website Link for more info and to submit a camp interest form.

FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Parents are welcome to sit-in and learn all about how the game is played.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Year round programs will begin in the Fall 2015.

One-week sessions, M-F, morning or afternoons, will begin in early June. Fee info will be available soon.

For more info, please visit: This Website Link.

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Minecraft Summer Camps at SciTechGamescom

*There are 6 Top Indiana Academic Camps Below

Indiana Academic Camps

Please note that our list of 2015 Indiana Academic Camps also includes information on Indiana Academic Camp Scholarships, Financial Aid, and other 'Campership' or Financial Assistance. Look within each camp's description for the CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE heading.

International Academic Camps in Indiana

Some of our Indiana Academic Camps accept International Campers from all around the world. Some camps could offer special Summer International Programs, scholarships, or other incentives to international campers.

International Campers and Parents: Be sure to contact each Indiana Academic Camp you are interested in to see if they accept campers from other Countries, if they hire any international staff, or if they offer any Special Summer Academic Programs for International Campers.

One of Our Featured CampsDunes Learning Center
Chesterton, Indiana

Visit Our Dunes Learning Center Website
700 Howe Rd
Chesterton, Indiana 46304

Find the Best Academic Camp in Chesterton, Indiana

Watch Our Dunes Learning Center Video


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Swimming, Science, Technology, Academics, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more. Dune Climb
Lake Michigan Hike
Night Hike
Camp Fires
Environmental Stewardship
Nature Photography
Camp Crafts

CAMP LOCATION: Standing on the grounds of the former U.S. Steel Good Fellow Club Youth Camp, Dunes Learning Center is located in the heart of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in northwest Indiana, less than an hour from Chicago. Built in 1998, our modern facility is encircled by scenic trails, historic sites and one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the nation.

CAMP FACILITIES: Located inside Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, our 63 acre national park campus features ecological diversity seen few places in the world.

Ten, group-style modern cabins, each accommodating eight people (seven campers with one counselor), are equipped with comfortable bunk beds, bathroom facilities, and a shower. Heating and air conditioning allow for year-round comfort. Male and female campers use separate cabins, and are supervised by adults both inside the cabins and during all activities.

A large multi-purpose dining hall and activity center, Cowles Lodge, is the central hub of camp life. Meal times are an important parts of the camp day, providing opportunities for socializing, fun activities, and learning about food as a natural resource. A full-service kitchen is staffed by our own food service staff that can meet most special dietary needs.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Led by first aid and CPR certified education staff and National Park rangers, Dunes Learning Center camps offer a variety of ways for kids age 6-17 to explore the beaches, prairies, dunes and woodlands of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Campers spend their days outdoors where they experience native and historic cultures, play games, try their hand at camp crafts, and sing around the campfire with new friends.

Established in 1998, Dunes Learning Center programs provide a critical and beneficial connection to nature for hundreds of campers each year. Learn more at This Website Link

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Financial assistance is available

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Dunes Learning Center operates in partnership with Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore delivering year-round curriculum and standards-based education programs that inspire curiosity, scientific literacy and environmental stewardship.

Dunes Discovery Camp
2015 Sessions: June 22-26, July 20-24 and August 3-7
Campers ages 9-13 spend 5 days and 4 nights exploring rivers, identifying insects, hiking dunes, playing in Lake Michigan, laughing with new friends and singing around the campfire at this summer camp like no other.

Dunes Adventure Camp
2015 Session: June 29–July 3
Campers ages 14-17 spend 5 days and 4 nights immersed in the unique ecology of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Kayaking, night-time insect investigations, nature photography, a beach party, camp-out and campfire are just a few of the planned adventures, designed to thrill, challenge and engage teens.

Critter Camp
2015 Session: August 10–14, 9am–3pm
Critter Camp gets kids outside, where they spend their days exploring the park's forests, streams, meadows and trails with new friends. Activities range from traditional camp crafts to themed hikes like, “Rotten Log Exploration” to a day at the beach. Kids return home full of sand and stories! This day camp is for children ages 6–8.

Learn more and register via This Website Link

Camp Counselors:
Counselors supervise summer camp residents while developing their own outdoor education and resource interpretation skills and techniques. Specific duties include overnight supervision of campers in cabins, leading evening activities (campfires, group games, etc.), hosting a tent camp out with campers, hosting and supervising a beach party picnic with campers and leading table helper, weather helper and flag raising activities.

Camp Counselors have access to additional education training opportunity, including shadowing National Park Service staff.

Term of Position: Full-time, 9 week position, includes evening hours. June 5, 2015 – August 8, 2015 (2 weeks of training – 7 weeks of camp).

To Apply: Prepare a cover letter, resume, and 3 references including name, relationship, phone number and email address and provide via job link at: This Website Link.

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Dunes Learning Center

*There are 5 Top Indiana Academic Camps Below

Academic Camps in IN
Offer Day & Overnight Options

Some Indiana Academic Camps offer BOTH Day and Overnight Camp options. Be sure to check each camp's description under "TYPE OF CAMP" for complete information, and exact hours.

Some Indiana Academic Day Camps also offer Extended Camp Hours for Early Camper Drop-Off and Pick Up. If you need these services, you should contact the camp to confirm availability.

Brain Chase: Summer Learning Challenge
Indiana Location(s)

Visit Our Brain Chase: Summer Learning Challenge Website
Online Summer Program

Brain Chase is an online camp available to students in grades 2-8 across the US. Participants in the following states are eligible to win the buried treasure grand prize: AL, AK, AR, CA, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI and WY.

Watch Our Brain Chase: Summer Learning Challenge Video

CAMPER AGES: Grades 2-8


CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

Computers, Math, Technology, Academics, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: Brain Chase is online - the participant that guesses the coordinates of the buried treasure first will be flown with one parent to dig up the treasure.

CAMP FACILITIES: NA - Camp is online

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Founded in 2014 by Austin parents Allan and Heather Staker, Brain Chase is the product of his filmmaking/tech background and her online education expertise.  They are both Harvard-educated and their 5 children were the inspiration behind the creation of this revolutionary new summer program  

Brain Chase is a 6-week summer learning challenge disguised as a massive global treasure hunt for 2nd−8th graders. A golden globe has been buried somewhere on earth – and it contains the key to a safe deposit box holding a $10,000 college scholarship fund. Participants who complete an hour of online summer learning activities each day will unlock secret animated webisodes that hold the clues to the globe’s whereabouts. Guess the treasure’s location first, and you’ll be the one on a plane to dig it up.

Enrollment is limited to the first 5,000 entrants.  
Kickoff is June 30.  Last registration July 18.  

- See more at: This Website Link

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Additional children from same household are half off for each registration.

OTHER CAMP INFO: You spend 10 months of every year in school, but much of that hard work likely vanishes during summer break. Who wants to do boring worksheets when school’s out? Brain Chase is a summer enrichment program that’s FUN. Action-packed animations, mysterious packages in the mail, and the hunt for buried treasure turn learning into an adventure. It’s FLEXIBLE. You’ll do the challenge when you want, where you want, and at your own pace. And it’s CUSTOMIZED. You get to work at your own level. - See more at: This Website Link

For complete info please visit: This Website Link

Registration: This Website Link

Kickoff is June 30, 2014.  

Last chance to register is July 18, 2014.  

$199 for first child, $100 for each additional child from the same household.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Brain ChaseSummer Learning Challenge

*There are 4 Top Indiana Academic Camps Below

Teen Academic Camps in Indiana

Indiana Academic Camps for Teens sometimes include more advanced or immersive academic activities, and can be much more rigorous. Teen Academic Camps in IN tend to have more focus on academic skills development, sometimes involving professional or college-level teaching standards, intense learning activities or experiences, limited down-time, as well as, age-appropriate special camp events designed for highly motivated teens.

Be sure to speak with each camp you are interested in, so you know exactly what to expect.

Google's Maker Camp
Available Online

Visit Our Google's Maker Camp Website
Online Camp
Available Online



CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

Computers, Science, Technology, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: The Google Makers Camp is entirely online. 

The following participating locations are providing internet access for free as well:

Rhode island
Warwick Public Library

New Hampshire
Keene Public Library
Boys & Girls Club of Nashua

Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston: Jordan Boys and Girls Club
Boston Museum of Science
Duxbury Free Library
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Billerica
Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: A FREE summer camp for building, tinkering and exploring. Online and in your neighborhood!

Kids ages 13-18
July 7th-August 15th, 2014
Daily at 2 PM EST

Register here at This Website Link

Each weekday morning, Maker will post a new project or activity on their Google+ page—30 things to make over six weeks. Each weekday afternoon at 2 PM, tune in to a live Google+ Hangout On Air to meet expert makers who create amazing things.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Googles Maker Camp

*There are 3 Top Indiana Academic Camps Below

Find Indiana Online Academic Summer Camps, eCamps & Online Summer Recreation & Learning Programs

New Online Summer Academic Camps, eCamps, & Online Summer Recreation & Learning Programs for Kids and Teens of all ages are now being offered here in Indiana, and in states all across the US and Canada.

To find these Academic eCamps, you can do a search using the keywords "online camp" in the search box at the bottom of any directory page.

Check Out these *Featured Camp(s).

Minecraft Summer Camps at

Fishers YMCA Day Camp
Fishers, IN

Visit Our Fishers YMCA Day Camp Website
9012 E 126th Street
Fishers, IN 46038

Find the Best Academic Camp in Fishers, Indiana

Last May-August. Contact camp for the latest 2014 info.



CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.


Dance, Theater, Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, Cheerleading, Soccer, Golf, Gymnastics, Swimming, Waterfront/Aquatics, Team Sports, Academics, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: We have five day camp locations throughout the Fishers community and one day camp in Sheridan. Our camps take place at YMCA facilities, schools and one site is on a farm!

CAMP FACILITIES: Each of or sites have their own unique characteristics. We have indoor and outdoor facilities at all of our sites.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Our camps are all ACA certified. We offer a variety of programs for ages 3-15 from preschool and traditional camps to sports and enrichment camps. We offer financial asssistance.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Financial assistance is available.

We have weekly camp options from the first week in June through the first week in August. We offer a 1-2 day rate and a 3-5 day rate. Financial assistance is available.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Fishers YMCA Day Camp

*There are 2 Top Indiana Academic Camps Below

Indiana Academic Camps Offer Scholarships & Financial Aid

Some Indiana Academic Camps offer Camperships, Scholarships, and other forms of full or partial financial assistance to deserving campers.

Be sure to check each camp's description under "CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE" for complete information, including exactly how to apply.

iD Tech Camps
Indiana Location(s)

Visit Our iD Tech Camps Website
Over 80 Prestigious Universities Nationwide

Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, Wisconsin

Watch Our iD Tech Camps Video


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp. Day, Overnight, and Weekend programs available.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Computers, Math, Science, Technology, Academics, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: Camps are located at prestigious universities nationwide. Visit This Website Link!

CAMP FACILITIES: Camps are held on college and university campuses. Most overnight campers stay in dorms and get the "college experience". Courses are taught in university classrooms.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Take interests further and gain a competitive edge for school, college, and future careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Weeklong, day and overnight, summer STEM programs where students ages 7-17 develop 21st century skills and create iPhone and Android apps, programs with C++ or Java, video games, websites, robots, movies, and more.

Held at over 80 prestigious university locations including Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, UCLA, and others nationwide. Small classes (guaranteed max 8:1 ratio) for beginner to advanced students in a fun, challenging, un-school environment. Project-based learning taught by adult-only, trained instructors.

Also 2-week, pre-college Academies for teens ages 13-18: iD Programming Academy, iD Gaming Academy, and iD Visual Arts Academy.

Visit This Website Link for more information and to register online, or call 1-888-709-TECH (8324).



OTHER CAMP INFO: Registration for 2014 begins November 1st, 2013. Register early for the best course and location selections!

See the following websites for location, dates, and course information.

LOCATIONS: This Website Link!

PROGRAMS: This Website Link!

You’re upbeat, tech-savvy, and you understand the growing need for quality technology education for kids and teens. We’re looking for people like you. Spend your summer instructing and mentoring students ages 7-17, building your resume, and having quirky, iD-style fun. You’ll make a positive impact on students this summer, and inspire them to aim big for college and beyond. Our seasonal summer camp jobs are as fulfilling as they are fun! Learn more about our summer staff.

Summer staff members receive high compensation, room & board (overnight staff only), high-tech gadgets from our online curriculum delivery system, college internship credit (if applicable), 24/7 support from our team of Regional Managers, and more.

Please visit our website for more jobs info.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
iD Tech Camps

*There is 1 Top Indiana Academic Camp Below

Indiana Boy Scouts Camps
Summer Camps in Indiana
Crossroads of America Council
7125 Fall Creek Road North
Indianapolis, IN 46256

For more info visit the website.

Central Indiana Girl Scouts Camps
Summer Camps in Indiana
Girl Scouts of Central Indiana
2611 Waterfront Parkway East Drive
Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46214

Several Indiana camp locations.



INDIANA ACADEMIC CAMP OWNERS & DIRECTORS: If you would like to submit your camp for listing in our 2015 Best Indiana Summer Academic Camps Directory, please click on the "SUBMIT YOUR CAMP" link above.

INDIANA ACADEMIC CAMP PARENTS & CAMPERS: If you are looking to find info on how to choose the best summer camp to attend this summer, please check out our 2015 GUIDE TO CHOOSING THE BEST SUMMER ACADEMIC CAMP for some great camp research tips and lots of important 2015 summer camp info.

In addition to our 2015 Indiana Summer Academic Camps Directory we have also created quite a few SPECIAL INTEREST CAMP DIRECTORIES, and have included brief descriptions of these and links to their dedicated websites on the 2015 CAMP GUIDE page.

You can go directly to any of our other 2015 Special Interest Camp Directories from the list in the black bar at the bottom of this page.


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